gardening events 2018 flower show

Our Top Picks of Gardening Events in 2018

Struggling to decide which gardening events you’re going to attend this year? Well you’re in luck because VR Gardens has you covered with our top picks for the best gardening events in 2018. March   Chiswick House Camellia Show 22nd February 2018 – … Continue Reading

indoor gardening ideas

You’ll Love These 5 Indoor Gardening Ideas

Creating your own dream garden can be difficult for those of us who don’t have access to an outdoor space. However, VR Gardens wants to give everyone who may be living in small urban spaces a few useful indoor gardening … Continue Reading

why gardening is good for you

5 Amazing Reasons Why Gardening Is Good For You

Gardening is good for you in so many ways, it is a way to help both body and mid. Did you know simply being in the garden can lower your blood pressure? If you want to find out five other interesting … Continue Reading

how to get kids involved in gardening

How to Get Kids Involved in Gardening

To get kids involved in gardening can be a challenge. The benefits of getting your children to enjoy being in the garden can set them up with a great hobby for their whole lives. Gardening helps both body and mind … Continue Reading

Grass Frost

Our Cold Weather Garden Preparation Tips

The colder weather is quickly approaching as we get closer to the winter months, meaning your cold weather garden preparation needs to start now! You’ll need to begin preparing your garden for temperature drops, icy mornings and shorter daylight. Here … Continue Reading

Easy Food To Grow In Your Garden

Easy Food to Grow In Your Garden

Growing own food is a great way to both eat healthier and save some money on your shopping list. VR Gardens wants to help everyone start of cooking straight from the soil with our list of easy food to grow … Continue Reading

new gardening tools and gadgets

Check Out These 4 New Gardening Tools And Gadgets

Reading up and trying out these new gardening tools and gadgets has been one of our favourite things to do at the VR Gardens office this year. Whether you’ve got experienced green fingers or are just beginning to venture into the world of … Continue Reading

autumn gardening tips

Are These 5 Autumn Gardening Tips On Your Checklist?

Autumn has arrived and there’s a few essential things that need to be done around the garden. We’ve compiled a list of five autumn gardening tips in order to make sure your garden is in the best shape to face the approaching … Continue Reading