how to get kids involved in gardening

How to Get Kids Involved in Gardening

To get kids involved in gardening can be a challenge. The benefits of getting your children to enjoy being in the garden can set them up with a great hobby for their whole lives. Gardening helps both body and mind … Continue Reading

list of winter vegetables to grow

Our Top 5 List Of Winter Vegetables To Grow

It gets cold in Ireland towards the end of autumn and growing your own produce can be a little bit more difficult. However, fear not as VR Gardens has created our top 5 list of winter vegetables to grow. Onions … Continue Reading

autumn gardening tips

Are These 5 Autumn Gardening Tips On Your Checklist?

Autumn has arrived and there’s a few essential things that need to be done around the garden. We’ve compiled a list of five autumn gardening tips in order to make sure your garden is in the best shape to face the approaching … Continue Reading