outdoor garden decorations

It certainly gets harder and harder to embrace outdoor living as the chilly weather and dark evenings loom closer. We’re definitely guilty of cozying up inside for protection against the chilly winter air. Fortunately VR Gardens wants to help everyone get the most out of their outdoor living space all year round, whether rain or shine.

Here are our top five tips for outdoor garden decorations in the cold autumn and winter months.


  1. Outdoor Heating

outdoor garden decorations
There’s nothing better than feeling the warmth of the fire on your skin on a chilly winter’s day. Luckily there are lots of outdoor heating options for you to choose from to suit your personal landscaping style.

Chimineas and patio heaters can be great for those who want some flexibility to their outdoor living space. With these mobile options you won’t be limited in terms of seating arrangement and furnishing layout.  

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are beautiful statement pieces that can be adapted to any sized outdoor space. Circling your guests around one central location can add a warm atmosphere to any occasion. From modern marble constructions to traditional stone designs you can incorporate these structures seamlessly into your space.


  1. Cosy Lighting

outdoor garden decorations

With the days getting shorter and the nights longer we often miss out on spending the evening in natural sunlight. One way around this is to create a cosy atmosphere with the use of artificial lighting.
Fairy lights, candles, lanterns, and installed LEDs – both in the surrounding walls and flooring – can illuminate the evenings and make it easier to spend more time relaxing in the fresh air.


  1. Weather Proof Furnishings

outdoor garden decorations

Another top tip for winter and autumn outdoor living is choosing furniture that will stand up to the harsh weather. Making sure your pieces are suitable for rain, frost, or snow and are mould resistant will help them both last longer and be usable all year round. We recommend choosing pieces with features such as detachable cushioning and wipe clean surfaces.


  1. Weather Protection

outdoor garden decorations

One of your priorities should be protecting yourself and your outdoor space from as much harsh weather as possible. Umbrellas, gazebos, awnings and roofing can help shelter your space from rain and wind. You can also try surrounding your seating area with materials like glass panes which can work to block off wind and chill. To further protect your furnishings, we suggest varnishing wood, using rain covers, or putting items indoors when not in use.


  1. Snuggle Up

outdoor garden decorations

Our final tip for preparing your outdoor living space for the cold weather is gathering all the essential items for perfect comfort. We recommend heavy blankets, hot water bottles, warm cups of tea, and of course fluffy gloves!


What are your top tips for outdoor living in the colder months? Leave a comment below with your tips or get in touch with us on social media to share your outdoor living ideas. 

Looking for some additional ideas to improve your outdoors? We recommend reading this blog post by Planted Well who have a number of helpful suggestions on how to improve your outdoor landscaping.

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