list of winter vegetables to grow

It gets cold in Ireland towards the end of autumn and growing your own produce can be a little bit more difficult. However, fear not as VR Gardens has created our top 5 list of winter vegetables to grow.

  1. Onions and shallots

list of winter vegetables to grow

These are two of the most popular choices for autumn and winter vegetables. Sturdy and durable, they will look after themselves over the winter months, requiring very little attention. Onions have a long growing period and will usually take around six or seven months before they’re ready for harvesting. Careful planning is required in spring time when you begin planting other produce as the onions will still be in the ground at this time. Shallots have become a popular alternative for 21st century gardeners due to their intense and concentrated flavour.

  1.  Peas

list of winter vegetables to grow

Another favourite vegetable of ours to grow in winter has to be the pea. In order to reap their benefits in spring, plant your peas towards the end of autumn. Ask your local gardening expert which species would offer the least amount of problems during the winter months and then reap the benefits of harvesting your peas a month earlier than other gardeners!

  1.  Asparagus

list of winter vegetables to grow

If you have a big enough space in your own garden, why not plant an asparagus bed this winter? Autumn planting varieties such as ‘Pacific Purple’ do especially well during the winter months. Although these beds take a number of years to truly establish themselves as a staple in your garden, they can produce up to 25 spears of asparagus yearly and will continue to grow for 25 years! That being said, patience is required for asparagus as they take an average of two years of growth before they’re ready for harvesting. They’ll be well worth the wait though!

  1.  Garlic

list of winter vegetables to grow

One of the easiest plants to grow over the winter, and with lots of varieties to choose from, garlic should be on everyone’s list of winter planting essentials. Like onions, they do have a long growing season and won’t be ready till summer if planted in autumn. ‘Wight Cristo’ is one of the most popular species for planting due to its versatility in culinary dishes and is available at most gardening centres.

  1.   Final entry on our list of winter vegetables to grow, perpetual spinach

list of winter vegetables to grow

One of the highest yielding crops that you can plant this winter and which produces large and delicious leaves. If planted in the autumn, perpetual spinach will provide an abundant harvest throughout the winter and if harvested regularly it will continue to crop even into the summer months. You must be wary of the flowers that may grow on the crop during its growth as they will destroy the plant. To stop this, simply remove any visible flowers on it and enjoy the full benefits of perpetual spinach over the winter.


These are VR Gardens’ top five vegetables to grow in winter, for more winter crop recommendations be sure to check out Quickcrop’s blog list for an even bigger list of winter vegetables to grow on the topic.

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