gardening trends 2018

This year has proven to be one of experimentation and new ideas when it comes to garden design. Here are five of the most innovative European gardening trends that may soon be seen around Ireland.

  1.      In With the Old, In With The New…

Classically, it was seen as routine to choose one style in which one would decorate and design their garden space. That method of design has now passed us by and mixtures of themes and decorations are now being implemented by other European countries in an effort to make their garden stand out. Modern furniture and guest houses are quickly becoming a common trend among Europeans and is something that could be quickly picked up in Irish gardens soon.

gardening trends 2018

  1.      Play And Relaxation Space

Quickly becoming a staple component of many European gardens is the utilisation of areas designed to be used for different types of sport and recreational activities, such as bowls. For the not so athletic ones of us, hammocks, yoga areas and large sandboxes are also popular alternatives for adults and kids alike. Ireland may not have the weather for hammocks and sandboxes but areas for select sports are becoming quite a common trend in Irish gardens.

  1.      Little Plants

People love the idea of maintaining a garden but find that there are only so many hours in the day. As a result, we have seen the introduction of many small plants and dwarf shrubs that in turn require half the attention of a full garden. Dwarf perennials and other ground hugging plants are becoming fashionable around European gardens. Will Irish ones perhaps follow suit soon?


gardening trends 2018
Dwarf shrub
  1.     Houseplants

Once the rage amongst not only mainland European but also American homes during the 1970s, houseplants are making a steady return among European homes. Fiddle leaf figs, indoor ferns and kokedama’s are becoming the favourites for adding that little speck of the outdoors to the inside of homes. Gardening experts and interior designers feel that this trend has been picked up around Europe due to our overdependence on technology and that this hobby of bringing nature into our homes is one of nostalgia. Irish gardeners may deem it time we bring nature back into our homes once again.

gardening trends 2018

  1.      Materials From The Earth

Gardeners from around Europe are seeking to move away from the geometric style that had gripped gardens around the continent and are now moving into using nature or items crafted from nature as a means of decorating their garden spaces. Free-form decks, seat swings and small outdoor furniture are but some of the features being implemented around the continent. Maybe these will become common features of Irish gardens in the near future?

gardening trends 2018


To find out more about some of gardening’s hottest trends, be sure to check out Gardenista’s excellent and insightful article on the topic.

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