autumn leaves ideas

Autumn is in full swing, bringing with it an array of colourful foliage that cover our gardens for months to come. VR Gardens has compiled our top 5 autumn leaves ideas to help your garden out. Brought in from gusts of wind or from the trees in your garden, fallen leaves can consume your gardening time. The ritual of sweeping, bagging and disposing of leaves is repeated over and over throughout the autumn months. Instead of working against the leaves, why not make them work for your garden?

Having an abundance of leaves gives gardeners an opportunity!

autumn leaves ideas

1) Mowing

Kill two birds with one stone by mowing the grass along with the fallen leaves. Running a lawn mower over the leaves creates a much higher quality mulch. They’ll also be less likely blow off in the wind. When leaves are broken down into smaller pieces it can have many positive advantages for your garden, including preventing leaves packing together in layers, as well as downsizing the volume in your garden. The shredded leaves will break down over the course of autumn and winter, leaving your lawn’s soil with plenty of nutrients when it comes to spring and summer. It’ll also reduce your need to buy more fertiliser later in the year.

2) Add them to a flowerbed

After shredding leaves, they can be used as organic mulch. This mulch can be added to your flowerbeds, vegetable patches, trees and potted plants. Adding a layer to these areas during autumn can help build soil fertility. The moisture retained ensures a lower level of weed seed germination in the future.

3) Composting

Fallen leaves can be a great addition to your home compost pile. Using layers of shredded leaves between the food waste, grass clippings and plants can have many benefits to your garden’s compost pile. The carbon-rich leaves and the nitrogen-rich contents of the pile gathered during summer are a great combination. By mixing leaves with the compost pile and letting it sit over the winter, come planting time the compost will be finished.

4) Create a leaf mould

A leaf mould, is an all-leaf compost. These leaves, whether they’re shredded or not, are kept in a wired bin. Depending on the type of leaves, over the course of a few years the leaves added will eventually fully rot. By the time these leaves have disintegrated, a dark mineral-rich soil conditioner is created. Autumn is the perfect time to consider creating your own leaf mould due to the abundance of them available around your garden. Here is a great guide on how to make a leaf bin.

5) Save those leaves for the future

A great use of your leaves during your autumn is hoarding fallen dry leaves in big plastic bags for the future. By the time summer arrives you’ll have plenty of nitrogen-rich material. If not, you’ll be lacking in carbon-rich materials such as brown leaves. If you’ve prepared during autumn, you’ll have a bag of leaves ready for your summer garden!


By using these top tips on how to deal with your fallen garden leaves, you’ll be able to make the garden leaves work for you over the next few months!

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