Our goal is to give you the power to design your dream garden



VR Gardens was established by its founder and CEO, Gary Hanaphy, in 2014. He has been at the heart of the home and garden design and landscaping industry for over a decade, and has a long list of professionally designed and installed gardens valued into the millions. Gary hit the highest point of the Irish garden sector when he became part of a very niche club, receiving two gold medals and a ‘Best in Category’ from the prestigious Bloom flower show, an accolade that only a handful of people can boast. Gary is the driving force behind the organisation, taking it from initial concept to product specification and roll-out.


CEO of VR Home and Garden
Gary Hanaphy, CEO of VR Gardens

“My experience in this business has always made me feel empathy for the customer. They are unsure of what plants to use for their home and garden, what they want, what’s the best material, how much will it cost and what will it look like. These are the top five issues that customers have today and they should not have them. Myself and my team’s ultimate goal was to design an app to fix these issues and we have. It gives you pre-designed gardens that fit instantly to your gardens shape, it recommends the correct plants for each part of your garden automatically, it calculates all the material you need in a list, it’s also packed with amazing garden items and tonnes of other great features.

It is our focus and passion to deliver the best garden design experience in the world.”


VR Gardens Team


We understand VR’s capabilities and feel that the right apps and experiences can totally change all aspects of design. We have an extensive range of experience across the marketing and software industries, as well as being experts in the home and garden industry. We have designed our user experience around the simplicity of the task at hand, and used a worldwide team of experts to make it happen. Ranging from garden design and horticulture to interior design and architecture, our team ensures customers get the very best.